In the summer of 2013, three make-minded individuals founded MADE Makerspace Barcelona in the basement of a coworking facility.

The underutilized 300 m2 beneath their desks magnetized James Brazil, Ugo Riboni and Camilo Valdivia together to form a community of creators, makers and fabricators to build-out Barcelona’s first makerspace.

MADE proudly incubated the maker movement in Barcelona and co-hosted the mini Maker Faire in 2013 + 2014 and continues to be the only community owned and operated makerspace in Barcelona, made possible only by the support and commitment of all its members.


  • James Brazil (Director 2013-2015)
  • Camilo Valdivia
  • Ugo Riboni

Current Board

  • Ugo Riboni (Director)
  • Nicolo Paternoster (Treasurer)
  • Xavier Gimenez Aranda (Secretary)