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Circa ~5+ years ago, a member set up a Trello board.

It was there for any member who wanted to announce the projects they were working on.

Usage has declined, maybe as less people use Trello nowadays.. So we might just decide to self-host such a board ourselves. For example, we could setup a public board on

Our main Telegram group chat (members & ex-members only) has become the place most members use to share & exchange info, questions, photos of their work.

Until ~2/3 years ago, members would also share & exchange a lot on a member-only google mailing list; as it's been flatlining, we're thinking of archiving it for member+read-only access.

Last, we do have have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... where some members forwarded their work to be shared.

Pretty soonTM we will launch a section on this site to showcase past & current members' projects.

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